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Editorial Note
The Influence of Social Skills Training on Young Children`s Social Behaviors and Peer Relationships
Self-Regulation and Self-Concept Development for Young Children
The Relationship between Korean Parents` Discipline Styles and Their Identification of Children`s Emotional and Behavioral Problems
The Effects of Two Interventions, Questioning and Pausing, on Children`s Inferential Problem Solving in a Computer Game Context
Relating the Goals of Early Science Education to Classroom Practice: Applying Constructivist Teaching to "Float or Sink?" Activities
The Challenge of Using Multicultural Education in Predominately White Early Childhood Classrooms
Mothers` Scaffolding during Joint Reading and Children`s Reading Development in Korea
Parenting Behaviour as a Mediator of the Effects of Poverty on Canadian Children`s School Readiness
Korean Immigrant Parents` Supporting Practices for Their Young Children`s Learning of ESL in the United States: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
Is the Athletic Festival Undokai Child-Centered? -History and discussion on athletic festivals at Japanese kindergartens-