Instruction for authors

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Applied from revised Volume 26, No. 1

  • The International Journal of Early Childhood Education [IJECE] is an international and interdisciplinary journal that publishes empirical and theoretical studies on all topics related to early childhood education and care.

  • In principle, the manuscript must be original and should not have been published elsewhere

Submission and publication timeline
Submission and publication timeline
No. 1 No. 2
Publication date June 30 Dec. 31
Manuscript submission Throughout the year

The journal publishes two issues bi-annually (first issue on June 30, second on December 31). Manuscripts can be submitted to the IJECE throughout the year. Manuscripts submitted up to one month (May 31/November 30) before the relevant publication date (June 30/December 31) are eligible for review but their publication status will be determined by the Editorial Committee depending on the submission status for the relevant edition and the number of manuscripts that can be published in it.

Submission checklist:

Manuscripts should be prepared according to the format suggested in 「Instructions to Authors」.

  • The manuscript must be written in concise and good English in MS Word format.

  • The body of the manuscript should not carry your personal information.

  • The abstract on the first page of the “Submitted manuscript” must be within the 100-200 words limit and the entire content of the manuscript should be concise.

  • • In principle, the length of the paper should be within 13 to 30 pages and would range between 5000 to 9000 words. This includes the table of contents, abstract, illustrations, charts, and references.


The copyright of the manuscripts confirmed for publication is shared equally between the contributor and the Korean Society for Early Childhood Education, and the right to transfer belongs solely to the KSECE.

Submission portal.

Manuscripts are to be submitted via IJECE’s online manuscript submission and review system

  • After selecting the “New Manuscript Submission” menu, enter your name in full on the Research Ethics Pledge and indicate your consent.

  • In the “New Manuscript Registration,” provide the required information regarding the manuscript in accordance with the specified items, and attach the manuscript for submission and the contributor’s self-checklist

Set the “Author Registration and Permission to Use Work (CCL).”

You can also submit your manuscript via e-mail to the IJECE’s Editorial Department (

Author details.
  • All authors must include their full name and affiliation. If the manuscript is a summary or part of a master’s or doctoral degree dissertation, a footnote should be attached to the manuscript title to indicate that it is part of the dissertation.

  • Up to two manuscripts written by an author can be published in each edition, subject to the condition that an author must be the first author of only one paper.

Funding details.

If the accepted manuscript is funded, a footnote should be attached to the title of the manuscript specifying the same.

※ Matters not specified in the guidelines will be decided after deliberation by the IJECE Editorial Board.