About this journal

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Aims and Scope

Since 1996, International Journal of Early Childhood Education (IJECE) has served as an interdisciplinary platform, welcoming empirical and theoretical research across various aspects of early care, early childhood education, child development, and early childhood policy. Our mission is to disseminate current scientific knowledge and research in early childhood education to the global community, thereby contributing to advancing the quality of early childhood education.

IJECE is sponsored by the Korean Society for Early Childhood Education (KSECE) and operates as a free, open-access scholarly journal, prioritizing accessibility for readers without imposing any fees on authors. The journal releases two issues annually, typically in June and December, ensuring a consistent dissemination of cutting-edge knowledge in the field.

Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

  • • Early childhood curriculum and practice
  • • Early intervention and prevention
  • • Early childhood pedagogy
  • • Early childhood policy
  • • Child development
  • • Child care and quality
  • • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Multiculturalism in early childhood
  • • Parenting
  • • Family
  • • Play
  • • Professional development in ECE
  • • Early Childhood Teacher education
Open Access with No Fee

IJECE operates as a scholarly, online, open-access, and peer-reviewed journal, ensuring immediate, unrestricted online access to published articles. Embracing open access principles, the journal enhances visibility, readership, and research impact. Notably, IJECE has no open-access publishing fee, aligning with its mission of broader dissemination of research findings.

Types of Articles

Embracing inclusivity, IJECE welcomes a diverse range of manuscript formats, including empirical articles, reviews, and theoretical contributions, exclusively in English.

Empirical Articles: These form a significant portion of IJECE’s content, including quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods research emphasizing substantial theoretical, practical, or interdisciplinary implications. They undergo rigorous review and may vary in length (not exceeding 30 manuscript pages, inclusive of text and figures but exclusive of references).

Reviews: Comprehensive syntheses of empirical, conceptual, and theoretical research, reviews critically evaluate past work and shed light on pressing topics and issues in early childhood education, shaping scholarly discourse.

Theories: Theoretical contributions in IJECE offer innovative perspectives, propose novel conceptualizations, or synthesize existing knowledge to enrich understanding of critical aspects of early childhood education. The journal welcomes diverse viewpoints and critical reflections, addressing emerging issues and provoking scholarly dialogue.

Manuscript Submission

Authors are required to submit original manuscripts not duplicated or substantially similar to work published or under review elsewhere. Submissions are made online at http://submission.ksece.or.kr/. For assistance, authors may contact the editorial office via phone (82-10-2077-1975) or email (ijececau@naver.com). Manuscripts that fail to meet ethical standards for research may be rejected by the editor.

Peer Review Policy

All submitted articles undergo blind peer review, starting with initial editor screening followed by anonymized evaluation by at least two referees. To ensure blind review, identifying information is removed before evaluation, and authors are advised against including such details in their submissions.