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Effects of Satisfaction in Spending Time with Family and Academic Stress on Grit among Korean Early Adolescents
A Qualitative Exploration of Children’s Social-Emotional Behaviors during Free Play
The Implications of Integration of Early Childhood Education and Childcare through the Case of Nintei-kodomoen(Integrated ECEC Center)
The Relationship Between Parents’ Emotional Expressiveness, Parenting Efficacy, and Children’s Social-Emotional Development: Focusing on Gender Differences
The Longitudinal Relationship between Mother’s Parenting Stress and Children’s Externalizing Problem Behavior: Analysis of Multivariate Latent Growth Model
Conscious Discipline as a Resilient System for Positive Early Childhood Classroom Management and Children’s Social and Emotional Competences
Toward Decolonial Research and Practice: Implications for Early Childhood Education in South Korea
Changes in the Smartphone Usage and Influencing Factors in Young Children Before and After COVID-19
Playful Encounters with Material-Discursive Practices in a Korean Kindergarten: Touching and Re-Membering with Spacetimemattering