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Editorial Note
The Development of Number Representation and Number Concepts in Young Children
The Factors of Emergent Literacy Development for Young Children in Daycare
Pecera Conference : The Portfolio Assessment for Literacy Activity of Young Children
Pecera Conference : I`m Australian! Young Children`s Views of National Identity
Pecera Conference : An Ecological Approach to Practicum Assessment
Pecera Conference : The Education of Young Children in Hong Kong: Implications for Early Childhood Teacher Education
Pecera Conference : The Effects of a Program to Increase the Emotional Intelligence of Young Children
Pecera Conference : Trends in Early Childhood Care and Educational Research in Korea
Pecera Conference : The Effect of Attachment-Improvement Activities for Korean Children Ages 12 to 35 Months
Pecera Conference : Enhancing Young Children`s Home Literacy Experiences
Pecera Conference : Linkages: Early Childhood Education in Reggio Emilia, Italy and Japan
Special Contribution : Comparative Study on Early Childhood Education in Mongolia, Vietnam, and Korea (2) : Policy Recommendations to Promote Early Childhood Education in Mongolia and Vietnam Focusing on the Role-Performance of Government, Educational Ins