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The Beliefs and Practices of Early Childhood Educators in the U.S. : Does Specialized Preparation Make a Difference in Adoption of Best Practices ?
Needs of Novice Teachers and Directors on the Content of Inservice Education Program for Novice Early Childhood Teachers in Korea
Exploring Possible Variations of Classroom Interaction in Kindergarten and First - Grade Classrooms
Preschool Children's Cognitive Play : A Factor Analysis
The Effects of Changes in Outdoor Play Environment on Children's Cognitive and Social Play Behaviors
Types of Family Involvement in Kindergarten Programs : Some Examples from the United States
Early Childhood Teacher Preparation in Taiwan
Generating Values in Young Children : Based on the National Kindergarten Curriculum of Korea
A Comparison on the Kindergarten Teachers' Concept of the " Children's Rights to Play among 3 Asian Countries : Japan , Korea , and China
COUNTRY REPORT : A National Curriculum for the Swedish Preschool