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Editorial Note
Familial Curriculum Making: Re-shaping the Curriculum Making of Teacher Education
Recent Curriculum Reform in Japan: The Future of Everyday-Life-Oriented Curriculum
ECCD for ALL: Regional Perspectives and Experiences from the Asia-Pacific
The Direction of Teacher Policies through Analysis of Key Competencies of Domestic and Foreign Kindergarten Teachers
Korean Mothers` Educational Practices for Children`s School Readiness: With a Focus on the Relationship to the Mothers` Resources and Beliefs
A Study of Children`s Meaning Making of Literary Elements: Focusing on Plot, Theme, and Characters
Early Childhood Teachers` Identities as Instructional Tools for Emotional Scaffolding
Visions and Realities of Parent Education: Elizabeth Harrison`s Influence on Parent Education
Korean American Kindergarteners` Use of Multimodal Forms Across Different Genres: Scientific Reports and Rhetoric Posters
Promoting Social Interactions of Young Children in Inclusive Classes
Understanding Studies on Play and Culture: Focusing on Research Methodology
Race, Society, and Power: Children`s Peer Culture as a Site of Social Inequality Reproduction
The Effects of an Emotional Fairy Tale-Based Conceptual Class Model on Young Children`s Linguistic Competence
Critical Approaches to Multicultural Education and Their Implications to the South Korean Multicultural Educational Context