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Editorial Note
Socio-cultural Perspectives on Policy Making in Early Childhood Education: Policy Lessons and Implications from the Preschool in Three Cultures Studies
Educational Policy, Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines and the Quality of Teaching and Learning: Lessons from Kindergarten in Hong Kong
Intervention for At-Risk Learners in Singapore: Growing Early Literacy Educators
Recent ECEC Development in Finland
Development and Implementation of a Family Literacy Programfor Multicultural Families in South Korea
Exploring the Meaning of Professional Development Through Early Childhood Teachers` Learning Experiences Based on Transformative Learning Theory
A Comparative Study of Characteristics of Teachers` Narratives Regarding Recognition and Expression of Emotion among Japanese Kindergartens: Analysis of Teachers` Narratives of Video Viewing
Rethinking Kindergarten Education in the Republic of Korea: Based on the Assessment Practices
The Relationships of Kindergarten Teacher`s Self-Leadership, Job Satisfaction and Director`s Super-Leadership
Comparisons of College and University Teacher-Candidates` Perceptions and Demands Regarding Teacher Education Programs and Teaching Practicums