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Editorial Note
A Review of Research on Early Childhood Teacher Beliefs and Practice
The Figured World of Globalization and Cosmopolitanism and Korean Temporary Migrant Parents` Practices of their Children`s Language Education
Young Children`s Language Ability Based on the Literacy Environment at Home
Exploring Ecologies to Uncover Parents` Multiple Views of Early Childhood Programs
Research on the Role of the Relationship between Early Childhood Preservice Teachers and Their Cooperating Teachers in Influencing Preservice Teachers` Autonomy
Teacher-Child Interactions in Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Programs in Child Care Settings: A Critical Analysis of Barriers and Facilitators
The Effect of a Visual Stimulus on Attentive Listening and Children`s Imagination during Music Appreciation Activities
The Effect of Multiple Intelligence(MI) Programs on Improving Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Intelligence in Young Children