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Editorial Note
Influencing Policy and Practice through Research on Early Childhood Education
Learning Community among Practice, Research and Policy
Mentoring as a Learning Relationship: The Mentee`s Perspective
Collaboration through Dialogue between Research-Based Knowledge and Field Practice: A Korean Project of Educational Change Inspired by Reggio Emilia Education
Making sense of Mathematics Education for Young Children From Preservice Teachers` Perspectives
Korean Mothers` Perspectives Regarding Their Children`s Education in the U.S.: Do Mother Want Their Children to Be A Model Minority?
Impact of Maternal Stress on Mothers` Perceived Social Behaviors of Their Preschool Children in Korean Families in the United States and Korea
American Early Schooling Influenced by Social Efficiency and Scientific Measurement Movement from the 1910s to the 1920s
Korean Preschoolers` Use of Literate Language Features in Spoken Narratives
Computer Literacy Development: Home Environment
Early Development and Insung Education
Analysis of Localization Process for Early Childhood Education Enabled by Teacher, Supervisor and Professor Collaboration
Teachers` Beliefs and Practices about Play: A Context-based Analysis
Revisiting Myths of Asian-American Parent Involvement and Child Achievement: Cultural Capital Theory
Composing Life as a Korean Goose Mother: A Narrative Inquiry into Sue`s Experiences
Postmodern arts in an early childhood classroom: Reviving a Deweyan understanding on arts and arts education