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Editorial Note
Developmental Theories of Children`s Play
Present Infant Crisis and Challenges in Child Care
Are Infants Conscious of Their Language?: A Phenomenological Perspective on Language Development
An analysis of the relationship between children`s representational drawing ability and recognition memory
Struggling and Surviving: One Korean Early Childhood Pre-Service Teacher`s Learning Experience in the American Teacher Education Program
Parental Tolerance of Child Misbehaviors and Relationships with Parenting Stress, Child Temperament, and Child Characteristics
Kindergarten Teacher Evaluation in Korea: Perspectives and Direction
A Study on the Relationship between Korean 5-year-olds` Mathematical Experiences Related to the Base-ten and Place Value Understanding and Their Construct of Number Concepts
Teacher Students Interaction in a Kindergarten Classroom in Korea According to Three types of Activities: Free Play, Small Group Activity, and Whole Group Discussion
A Comparative Study of Preschoolers` Use of Mental State Terms Depending on Intersubjective Cooperation Patterns in Pretend Play and Task-Oriented Work Situations
The Effect of the VPE Program on Self-Regulation in Young Children