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A Longitudinal Study on Young Children`s Development of the Representation of Written Number Symbols
Early Childhood Practitioners and Accreditation: perspectives and Experiences
The Effects of Multiple Peer-Mediated Interventions across Activities on Social Competence of young Children with Developmental Disabilities in the Inclusive Preschool Classroom
Drawing Cultural Understanding Through Parent-Teacher Communication: A Case Study of an Ethnoculturally Diverse Preschool
Chidren`s Understanding of Mind in Social Pretend Play
Relationships Between private Speech and Task Performance and Attention for Two Kinds of Tasks
A Qualitative Study on Changes in Children`s Social Relations in Unit Block Activities
An Attractive, Yet Perplexing Way "To the Things Themselves": A Review of Phenomenological Approach to Education in Korea
Froedel`s Kindergarten Merging Into American Context: What Has Changed and What Has Remained?