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Editorial Note
Welcoming Address
Purpose, Philosophy and Practice: Early Education for a Preferable Future
Aspects of German Re-unification with Regard to Early Childhood Education
Implementing a National Curriculum in Swedish Preschools
The Policy Trend and Present Issues in Early Childhood Education and Childhood Care in Japan
Creating a Better Quality of Life for Young Children in Korea: Analyses of and Recommendations for the Korean Early Childhood Education Identity
Effects of a Cognitive-Social Learning Model of Social Skills Training on African-American Children with Low Peer Acceptance
The Differences of Narrative Structures Between Individual and Peer-Collaboration Tasks in Young Children`s Story Making
Mothers` Influence on Toddlers` Curiosity and Exploration: Infant-mother Attachment and Supportive Behaviors
Young Children`s Learning of English as a Foreign Language in Korean Context: Is Earlier Better?
Reconsidering Art Education in Early Childhood