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Editorial Note
World Trends for Early Childhood Education. OMEP Contribution
Investigation of Early Childhood Teachers` Attitudes Toward Science Teaching: A Path Analysis
The Effects of the Balanced Approach Using Young Children`s Name Letters on Children`s Reading and Writing Ability
Three Stories of Immigrant Korean Families of Children with Special Needs during Their Children`s Transition to Preschool Special Education Programs
A Study on the Transition Experiences of First Grade Primary Schoolers
In Search of a New Model to Better Understand Parenting and Its Influence on Socio-Emotional Development in Infants and Toddlers
A Study on Teaching-Learning Methods for Young Chidren`s Concept of Death
Review of Early Childhood Pre-Service Teachers` Autonomy in Constructing Practical Theory: Focusing on the Role of Teacher Education Programs
Doing Community Action Research on Parent Participation with Private Schools: A Case Study on Researcher`s Ethical Dilemmas Editorial Note